Erlend Førsund

B2B CMO and writer for hire


Why work with me?

I help boost your B2B company's visibility and authority. Either as your Fractional CMO, copywriter or consultant.

After more than 20 years as a B2B marketer, both as a marketing manager and an agency consultant, I have gained experience in what works and what doesn't.

My strength lies in developing and executing marketing strategies. I have specialized expertise in inbound marketing, content marketing, thought leadership, and HubSpot.


With my experience of 20+ years in B2B marketing, I have developed extensive expertise in many areas. However, if I am to mention my specialized skills, they would be in the following areas:

  • Market strategy and planning for B2B companies:
    As the marketing manager for several companies over the years and a consultant for a decade, I have a lot of experience in developing comprehensive marketing strategies and plans for small and medium-sized B2B companies. Together, we set goals and ambitions for the year, define the most important KPIs and metrics we should monitor, and then work in 90-day cycles.

  • Content marketing and thought leadership:
    As a communication consultant and copywriter, I have extensive experience in writing texts on behalf of top executives, engineers, and experts in many fields. They have the knowledge, I help them shine. It’s so rewarding to see customers excited about the end product. I like making boring things exciting and entertaining, and that the texts should have a “zing”. I write articles, chronicles, customer cases, and even LinkedIn posts for my clients. I guarantee that you will be satisfied. 

  • Inbound marketing:
    I was doing inbound marketing long before I knew it was called inbound in the early 2000s (read: blogging and marketing automation). It’s still a method most companies will benefit greatly from, and I’ve had the pleasure of helping many businesses get started with inbound marketing. 

  • HubSpot:
    I’ve had the pleasure of working with this fantastic CRM system since 2014. Back then, it was a marketing platform, but today it’s much more than that. In 2015, as the marketing manager at MarkedsPartner, I was asked to start Norway’s first HubSpot User Group, which I led until 2021. 

See my LinkedIn profile or contact me for a detailed CV.

Marketing strategy

I assist you in developing a marketing strategy that supports your company's business objectives.

Thought leadership

I help you take the position of a recognized expert in your industry through content marketing.

Inbound marketing

I assist you in implementing inbound marketing and HubSpot in accordance with best practices and nearly a decade's experience.


I write texts based on interviews with your experts, engineers, or leaders and make them shine.

Fractional CMO

I serve as your part-time marketing manager and take ownership of the marketing function.

Marketing coach

I work as an on-demand advisor or coach for your marketing manager or marketing department.

Hva er en Fractional CMO?

En Fractional CMO er en innleid markedsføringsleder som utfører rollen som CMO uten at bedriften din trenger å forplikte seg til kostnaden med en fulltidsansatt markedssjef.


Bør SaaS-selskaper investere i innholdsmarkedsføring?

Dere har bygget kategoriens beste SaaS-løsning eller app, og nå skal dere vokse. Bør innholdsmarkedsføring være en del av vekstplanen?


Hvordan skalere ditt lederskap?

Er du leder, er du vant til å "ta rommet". Du er ikke redd for å si det du mener, heve stemmen og være en formidler. Men hvor mange utenfor rommet når du?


Jeg starter for meg selv!

Da har jeg endelig tatt steget og startet Førsund Consulting AS, hvor jeg tilbyr “marketing for hire”. Det vil si at du kan leie meg inn som din CMO på deltid, eller som konsulent eller tekstforfatter.


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